Wells Lamont is proud to support local and national organizations that are involved in caring for the less fortunate and the environment including Friends Of The ParksOperation North Pole ChicagoFeed The Children, Catholic Charities, and Matthew25:Ministries.

Wells Lamont donates excess and sample gloves to a variety of organizations on an ongoing basis. This provides a necessary product to those in need, and the people helping them. In some cases, we have long relationships with such groups. In other cases, requests come in quickly from individuals and small groups in urgent need, requesting gloves for a variety of worthy causes, and we work rapidly to provide them with the tools they need.

After a deadly tornado stuck Washington, Illinois in 2013, Wells Lamont was more than willing to meet a request for gloves for the volunteers assisting with the massive cleanup.

Photo courtesy of Tim Bimmerle

Feed The Children

Wells Lamont has worked with international hunger relief organization, Feed the Children, since 1993, providing thousands of gloves annually to help in the many cleanup efforts their organization is involved with.  This includes 42,595 pairs of leather gloves donated to assist with the earthquake disaster relief in Haiti among other efforts.

How it works

Our Consumer Affairs department is contacted by numerous organizations and individuals throughout the year.   An attempt is made to spread around the donations to those most in need.  For more information, please contact our Consumer Affairs department at [email protected].