“My yard work may be light but I Iove my Wells Lamont Gloves, and you can quote me on that.”

To whom it may concern. I first heard of Wells Lamont, gloves while listening the late Paul Harvey “News & Comment”. I had purchased a couple of other brand gloves, only to toss them out. I bought my first pair of WL gloves, over 25 years ago, yes (25). As of this note the only part that is really worn are the palm one and a hole in the other. I would send you a pic if you would like to see for your self. I am at the point of making a new purchase. And for the record the first pair were made of leather. And still feel good to work in. My yard work may be light but I Iove my Wells Lamont Gloves, and you can quote me on that.
Daniel in Chesapeake, VA

“I will not leave for work in the morning unless I have a pair of my Wells Lamont work gloves”

I have to say your product needs to be worn by every vendor out there.  Your gloves are nothing less than great quality and performance.  Our drivers for the company purchase many pairs of your gloves and will not buy any other product.  I will not leave for work in the morning unless I have a pair of my Wells Lamont work gloves.  The grip is amazing and the control is outstanding.  I have tried many gloves in the past and nothing can compare.  After buying my first pair I was sold.  I will be a Wells Lamont customer and nothing else till my work in life is done.  Thank you for making life a little easier for hard working men everywhere.
Jeff in Oklahoma

…your gloves saved my left hand from getting cut

I must first start off this letter by saying thank you.  I bought your work gloves and your gloves saved my left hand from getting cut real bad by an ECO chain saw!  The saw kicked back one day and almost hit my face!  I was wearing your product and I shielded my face with my left hand from the saw.  The glove got chopped up by the saw, but my hand and face are fine.  Thank you so much for a fine quality product.

Just wanted to say thanks you guys for making the best gloves ever!!

Just wanted to say thanks you guys for making the best gloves ever!! I love them. I’m a truck driver and your gloves are the most comfortable and last the longest. Thank you again.
Mark in Nevada

Thank you for making good, tough gloves for women

Thank you for making good, tough gloves for women. Nobody else makes anything else with even as close a fit. Woman do as much work as men and deserve products that fit and last as long.
Heather in California

At my age I have worn out a lot of gloves but these have about worn me out.

I purchased a pair of your gloves so long ago I forgot when. They are a leather work glove. I use them everyday doing hard physical work and they are the best glove I have ever had. I’m in my 80’s and work in the woods everyday. However they are going to be retired soon because sorry to say they are about shot and they deserve to be honorably discharged from service. Keep up the quality of the product – it’s getting harder and harder to get such a great product. At my age I have worn out a lot of gloves but these have about worn me out. Thanks
Don in Michigan

“I have every intention of purchasing your gloves and will not consider anyone else.”

I used my Wells Lamont gloves to work around the house all year round. I purchased them while I was on holiday OVER 30 YEARS AGO (on the recommendation of Paul Harvey during his newscasts). I will be in the US next month and I have every intention of purchasing your gloves and will not consider anyone else. Thank you for all those years of value added service. As Paul Harvey always says “and that’s the rest of the story”
Gus in Ontario


Jeff in Nebraska

I just wanted to write this letter to thank you for your company’s hard work and dedication and the many products that I have purchased to improve my household.

I have noticed a lot of customers are purchasing your products. I can clearly see why as you put so much thought into your items that it would be hard for customers not to be persuaded in purchasing what you have to offer. Your prices are well placed and very competitive. I just wanted to write this letter to thank you for your company’s hard work and dedication and the many products that I have purchased to improve my household. Thank you again and please keep up the good work!
Sincerely, David

thanks for making such a great product

I just want to say I love Wells Lamont products. I recently purchased a new pair of gloves made by someone else because I had them confused with Wells Lamont and I am disappointed that I actually paid for them. I was wondering why the quality seemed poor at first, until I got home and looked at a pair of my older gloves and realized they were a completely different brand. So I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product.
Russell in Ohio

Thanks for making such a superior product

Hi, my name is Bill and have a lawn srevice. In the winter I do snow blowing and recently I had a bad accident.  What helped me was that I was wearing a pair of your Wells Lamont winter gloves.  They saved at least one of my fingers.  I was clearing my snow blower and thought the auger was off but it wasnt, and it caught my fingers.  Well, when it was all said and done, I had one finger cut off.  The other was badly bruised but the glove wasnt torn or cut at all, so your glove saved me from having 2-3 fingers cut off.  I threw away my left hand glove because it was full of blood, but I will be getting another pair.  Thanks for making such a superior product.
Bill from Wenatchee, WA

These are the very best gloves I’ve ever spent my hard earned cash on.

I’m writing you to let you know how pleased I am with your glove products which I bought.  Two of the first pair is your work gloves – the heavy duty cowhide with breathable mesh.  These are the very best gloves I’ve ever spent my hard earned cash on.  They work hard at protecting my hands from thorns and weeds.  And it’s like having an iron shield on my hands because they wear like iron yet never rust.  In other words they last a long time.  The best thing is I wash them over and over and they keep working like new.   And this is why I also bought 2 pair of your latex coated work gloves.   They perform just like your other gloves and last a long time, too.  Please keep making these great products.
James from New York

My Thanks

I own a pair of WELLS LAMONT gloves. The pair I own has saved my fingers not once but twice. First incident – I shot my finger with a nail gun and it busted the tip of my finger but the glove kept the nail from going through my finger.  The second incident was today – I was at work using a skill saw when it jumped and sucked my hand into the saw.  Instead of cutting my fingers off the gloves protected my hand and all I got was scratches. Thanks Wells Lamont.

These are the best gloves I have ever had.

These are the best gloves I have ever had. The finger out seam design it great. The precurve design is also very comfortable. I have 2 pair for over 20 years and still look and feel great. Only reason I bought 2 pair is in case I lost one pair. Buying my sons some now.

We are truly impressed with the quality.

We bought a pair of Thinsulate Insulation 100 Gram Gloves in November 2010 for outdoor use. Instead we used them to tend to our wood stove. Me and my wife have used them almost every day this winter. Throughout all the time the gloves have yet to show any wear. We are truly impressed with the quality. Thank you.
Sheridan in AZ

‘Thank You’ for the quality gloves

I got on your web site to see where I could purchase a replacement pair of gloves locally. I actually forgot where I purchased the last pair which is what brought me to submitting this comment. Over the years, I had purchased many pairs of garden gloves and had them last maybe three months. Then, I came across a pair of Wells-Lamont Grips. I put that pair of gloves through hell for at least three or four years now without even a little tear or hole. In fact, I’m only looking for a second pair now just to make sure I have them for the day when my current pair finally decides to surrender. I just wanted to send a note to say ‘Thank You’ for the quality gloves and, as long as you keep making them as durable as my first pairs, I will keep buying them.
Kevin in NC

Touch screen friendly

I have been using winter weight latex palm dip 530 gloves for several years now. I have also owned a smart phone for years. Living in Wisconsin, winter weather is not touch screen friendly. Unless, that is, you are wearing the latex dipped gloves. Works like a champ! I’ve seen other gloves go for $40+ and they are poorly made lightweight gloves. New advertising campaign… Touch screen friendly!

Will never buy another brand!

Thank you for these gloves. They are the most comfortable pair of gloves that I have ever worn. There is not one thing I would change about them. So often people are quick to critize and complain but when you come across an amazing product I am compelled to give praise for a quality product. Thank you!!

These gloves are awesome for directing traffic. . .

I work all of the races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and have used these gloves while directing traffic by the infield care center for 3 years now. I am now well known for my gloves and people often inquire where they can get there own. Last year at the Brickyard 400 Darryl Waltrip wanted one of my pairs to retire and hang on his wall. These gloves are awesome for directing traffic as they are easily seen from a distance. I bought around 10 pair and have just about worn them all out. About time to restock my supply. I have even considered buying extra so I could sell them. Motorcyclist even like them. The next race is the Brickyard 400 and I guarantee I will be buying more soon. Thanks for the great product!

Gloves for life.

When I left home at 18 and headed out into the world, my Dad gave me a pair of your leather work gloves and a pair of channel lock pliers. My Dad was an industrial electrician who knew precisely how to work smarter by maximizing effectiveness, you know, the kind of man who can carry a 30 foot extension ladder and make it look effortless. I think he knew (what took me years to figure out) that work gloves don’t just protect your hands, they magnify your force, like a lever you wear. I think he knew that my soft, weak hands would need all the help they could get. He was right. That was 32 years ago and I’ve used those gloves for all the hard jobs life has thrown at me since. The strap finally broke on the left one yesterday. I’d sure like to get another pair, but I think they’ve got more use in them still.
John, Denmark

How White Mule gloves saved my hand!

In 1979 I worked for a national freight company at a bulk break terminal in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was a new huband and an even newer father. I was a dock worker, very difficult and physically demanding work. I was on the night shift and kept busy as a way to keep energized and to stay awake. One particular night, I was asked,or told to unload a shipment of diving boards. So there was this ominous crazy freight packed into this trailer. The freight was unstable and had slipped the banding that bound and held it together. I was told to straighted out the freight and then drag them onto the dock for restacking. After consultation with a senior worker and a foreman, I opted to bind a rope around the piles, one pile at a time and drag onto the dock. I proceeded with this process for a bit of time and all was well. On one drag moment, my left hand appeared to be stuck, I could not move it. I told the forklift operator to reverse the forklift. He backed up, and to my surprise, my gloved hand looked like and hour glass. It had been crushed to within the size and diameter of a dime sized coin. Actually what happened the rope was wound tight in and around the wheel of the forklift and since my hand was attached to the rope it was squeezed very tightly and devastatingly. I removed my glove and saw first hand this hour glass shape formed into my skin out of my hand. Irronially, no external bleeding happened, only internal bleeding crushed bones and torn tissue (muscle). My hand was altered and disfigured grotesquely. I was rushed to the emergency room and proceeded to endure a horrendous operation, the pain was outrageous. Eventually, this initial surgery had to re-performed because the bone damage was so significat that more stabilization had to achieved for me to have any chance of using the hand. Ultimately the doctor did his job with the surgery, and I was given a 98% disability of use. But I am a strong minded man and refused this prediction. I went to physical therapy 3 days per week. Was out of work for 1.5 years. Upon return to work it was apparent that I could not do this job any longer. To my disappointment I had been receiveing training to become a detail clerk, an office job with more pay and benefits. I could not type or use the hand on the dock, so in time I was put on extended workmans compensation leave. At another time I was compelled to resign. I attribute my hand being saved from complete severing and having an attached hand to operate on all the White Mule work gloves. Thank you for producing your wonderful and lifesaving products. I’m sold on them and have used nothing else. Thank you very much.
Keith, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Good for wheelchair people!

The Work 1500 fingerless Sport Utility Gloves are good for propelling the wheelchair; leaving fingers free for access to credit cards, money, etc.

Best sox!

These are best freakin sox I have worn! I look for an excuse to wear them! -Thanks
John in IL

A thank you

Just thought I’d take a moment to say thank you for a great product. I’m sure you get this all the time , I still had to wite. When I was younger I didn’t pay any attention to the gloves I used but as I got older I heard a story by Paul Harvey and noticed.  Dang that’s what I use! I use the WORK 2500s’, usually 2 pair a year cause barbwire is hard on them. After the black duct tape wears out the 2nd time I go buy a new pair.  They are so comfortable and work so well I’d recomend them to anybody. Oh, Do you guys have any large decals showing your logo? I’d gladly show your label on my Trailer that I haul wood with.

Simply the Best!

We live and work outside Chicago and gloves are a necessary item. I have tried many different brands including military and high end models and nothing compares to Well Lamont. They wear like iron and are simply the best value on the market at any price! Once you wear them you’ll never pick any other.
Nick in Chicago

Really surprised!

I am in Afghanistan working as a contractor. I called my wife back in October and asked her to pick me up some gloves and mail them to me in anticipation of the upcoming winter. Winters here can be quite harsh. I am currently in the Hindu Kush Mountains. When I got my gloves in the mail I was skeptical. I had never heard of Wells Lamont and was afraid I would have to order different ones online. I tried them out and was pleseantly pleased. It wasn’t until our first snow storm of the season that I was completely sold. The temps dropped well below freezing for over a week. Normally when I wear a pair of gloves I have to keep my hands moving to keep them warm. I don’t have to do anything and my hands stay very warm all the time! I have recommended these gloves to every one I know and have even let them take them for a test drive. I am extremely impressed and have finally found my gloves. I will not buy a different brand ever again. Thank you so much for making a quality product that you don’t have to over pay for.

Product Strength and Integrity

Today while using my mow and vac, I disconnected the lawnmower end of the hose while the engine was running to rake in some loose leaves. While doing so I dropped my right glove and it instantly disappeared into the Mow an Vac. I thought , well there goes one glove. I shut the system down and opened the back and much to my surprise, there was the glove, intact and not a scratch on it. I was very glad at that time I was wearing these gloves, Thanks Wells lamont.

Your Gloves Hold Up the Best

I am a hot tar roofer. I use your gloves every day. They hold up the best and protect my hands from the hot tar…..475 degress very hot! I spend alot of money on your gloves each year. I live in Minnesota so lighter gloves in the summer and your warmer gloves with 3m thinsulate in the winter. Keep up the good work!!!!

The holy grail of women’s gloves

I am a woman who works in the trades. It is profoundly difficult to find durable well fitting gloves. I had all but given up the notion of finding a winter work glove, when I saw a pair wells lamont winter roping gloves for women. I still have them and love them so much, that I wear them in summer too.


Purchased my first WL gloves today. 1131XL. Had to remove blackberry vines. The gloves stood up to all but the meanest thorns. Even then, I barely felt a thing. The gloves did not need breaking in, no hard spots or stiffness. I’m just amazed with the quality and workmanship. Thanks for the great gloves.

Great for indoors, too.

Like a lot of people much younger than she, my 90-year old mother often has trouble opening jars and bottles. Typical jar openers are too difficult for her to grip tightly. She has found that slipping on a pair of your Nitrile Coated Knit Gloves gives her the grip she needs without requiring much strength at all.

Great for Motorcycle Riders

I recently took a six-day motorcycle trip with my two brother-in-law’s. It rained all six days, and out of desperation we stopped at a hardware store in Maine and purchased your PVC coated terrycloth lined gloves. we all agree that these are the best weatherproof motorcycle riding gloves we have ever worn. We are all seasoned motorcycle riders and can’t say enough about these gloves.Our only issue was that the store only had large. we love this product and would love to see your product in a motorcycle catalogs I will be ordering the correct size ASAP.

I’m a believer!

Typically I don’t use gloves because my hands are small and I’m sensitive to many fabrics. Most gloves annoy me, still let prickly things poke me and just don’t allow the necessary movement to pull weeds. I found these on sale at a local store and decided to give it one more try. I LOVE them! I was able to pick thistle for hours (3 hours a day for 4 days – filled the bed of the truck, to the top of the cab, with that terrible enemy!!) The soft knit side was great for wiping sweat and the nitrate side conformed to my hands and really did “fit like a glove” Thanks for the great product, I do truly believe these are the best gloves!! Thank you for creating such a great product. My neighbors are applauding as well, for the “thistle farm” is gone. 🙂
Missy – Hanover, MN