Wells Lamont Unveils New Garden Gloves for 2011

Wells Lamont is proud to unveil our new Garden Glove styles for 2011!  These Garden Gloves are available at retailers nationwide.  Please visit the Garden section of the Wells Lamont website for additional details about each of the styles listed below.

Ultra Comfort Suede Leather Garden Gloves

Style 1037

Like your favorite cashmere sweater the new Wells Lamont women’s suede cowhide leather glove is made for comfort but built for heavy duty wear.  The stretch back and Comfort Closure™ adjustable wrist allows for a comfortable, custom fit and keeps out debris.

Kid’s Ultra Comfort Garden Gloves

Style 7702Y

Wells Lamont kid’s synthetic leather gloves are fun for a day in the garden with mom and dad.  Designed just like Mom’s or Dad’s, the classic gloves makes your kids excited to help in the yard and garden. The synthetic leather offers ultra comfort fit without sacrificing wear. The reinforced fingertips add wear to heavily used areas and the trendy Comfort Closure™ adjustable wrist keeps out debris, similar to today’s popular sports glove designs. And yes, they are machine washable! 

Garden Tips™ Double Dipped Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves

Style 549

Built to keep mud out from under those perfectly polished, manicured nails the new Wells Lamont women’s Wet & Muddy Conditions gloves are a must for any gardener. The form -fitting design ensures excellent wet and dry grip while the nitrile palm coating works to keep your hands clean and dry. Taken a step further, these gloves feature Garden Tips® design with an extra coating of nitrile on the finger and thumb tips. This means better wear performance, and also better nail protection.

Rose Tender™ Garden Gloves

Style 1127

Every rose has its thorn and every thorn hurts! Protecting even the most skilled hands, the Wells Lamont women’s full grain leather glove carries a 7-inch heavy duty cuff offering thorn and brush protection. The control-grip palm patching is for improved grip and hand protection keeping you confident throughout your toughest jobs.  High quality goatskin leather feels so luxurious you might even find yourself wearing them when you’re not in the yard working. 

Blister Armor™ Garden Gloves

Style 7655 

Not having the right conditions can be frustrating to any gardener, but so can blisters from all the hard work.  Wells Lamont women’s synthetic leather glove features Blister Armor™  with Liquicell® glove technology, which positions a hidden liquid membrane on the palm and thumb to create a synthetic blister to help prevent actual blisters and next day soreness.  Machine washable synthetic leather provides additional comfort and wear.  The glove’s stretch fabric back improves dexterity over more traditional materials and the Comfort Closure™ adjustable wrist allows for a custom fit.


Wells Lamont Kid’s

Leather Palm Garden Gloves 

Style 952M

Gardening teaches kids all sorts of lessons from healthy eating to having a better appreciation for the earth.  As parents, we must not forget to also teach kids the importance of wearing the proper glove for the job.  For the more complicated jobs you’ll want to use Wells Lamont kid’s suede cowhide leather palm glove.  Made just like Mom and Dad’s, these offer heavy duty leather and reinforced thumb and fingertips. To ensure even more safety, the knuckle strap offers hand protection and the safety cuff allows for added protection plus easy on and off for kids’ small hands.