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Can I Buy Wells Lamont Products from you directly?

We do not sell Wells Lamont products directly to the consumer. Visit our Where To Buy page to find a participating retailer near you!

Where can I find the Wells Lamont style number?

The Wells Lamont style number is located only on the ticketing attached to the glove at the time of purchase. The tags inside the glove do not identify the specific style of glove, but instead are manufacturing location numbers. 

Try browsing our Online Catalog of gloves currently produced by Wells Lamont to help you determine the style number. If you do not find your particular glove on our website, the style may have been discontinued.

What is your Return Policy and Warranty?

Our gloves are unconditionally guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects. If you believe your Wells Lamont gloves contain a manufacturer’s defect, please return gloves to initial store of purchase.

Why do you discontinue certain styles of gloves?

Wells Lamont is continually introducing new products to better meet our users’ needs. That being said, there are many reasons why a style may be discontinued. Please share your feedback about your favorite glove with us at any time using the Contact Us page.

How can my organization be considered for glove donation or sponsorship by Wells Lamont?

Every year, Wells Lamont donates high quality gloves to a variety of local and national charities for a wide range of purposes.  We have long-standing relationships with charities, but also respond to new requests.  Please feel free to submit your donation request using our Contact Us page.

Can I waterproof or condition my leather gloves?

For HydraHyde products, no treatment is necessary to keep your gloves soft and water-resistant. For other leather products, yes, you may apply a waterproofing/conditioning product. Keep in mind, waterproofing treatments do not last the life of the product and will have to be reapplied. Leather conditioning treatments/oil will not necessarily increase the wear and lifetime of the product.

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