Copper-Infused White Quarter Work Socks

Blended polyester yarns featuring Cupron® copper oxide polyester fiber with nylon reinforcement & spandex (they stay up all day!)

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Wells Lamont joins Cupron® to bring you the all new Copper-Infused Cupron® White Quarter Work Socks made in the USA. Cupron® Anti-Fungal Pro Fibers are EPA-registered to kill 99% of athlete’s foot fungus- even after 12 hours of wear! Cupron® is clinically proven to improve skin texture. These socks are designed to wick sweat away, keeping your feet dry while you work. Cupron® enhanced fibers also serve as a great defense against foot odor. The socks feature a reinforced heel and toe as well as an Achilles heel pad for added protection and comfort. Ideal For: All-Day Wear, Heavy Duty Tasks, Construction, Automotive/Mechanical Work, Equipment Operation.