The Guide to the Best Women’s Gardening Gloves

Best Women’s Gardening Glove Guide

You may be tempted to pick up a pair of discount women’s gardening gloves at the garden center checkout, but think twice before you do. The cost may be low, but the right pair of gloves can save your hands, last twice as long, and make working in the garden easier and more efficient.

What are the best ladies’ gardening gloves?

That depends. Not all gloves are right for every task. The best women’s gardening gloves are the ones that are purpose-built for the work you plan to do. See our guide to find out what features of women’s gardening gloves are best suited to your landscape plans.

Best Ladies’ All-Season / All Purpose Gardening Gloves

If you’re in the garden from the beginning of planting season through fall clean-up, or you dabble in many types of gardening, versatility is the name of the game. When you need a good, all-season, all-purpose, go-to women’s gardening glove, look for the right balance of protective and flexible fabrics, such as leather palms with a breathable fabric on the back. Make sure your gloves have a snug wrist to keep dirt and debris off your hands. And of course, durability is a must to last through many days in the garden.

We recommend:

Most Durable Gardening Gloves

If your garden is really a farm, or you tackle the toughest landscape projects, you need a women’s gardening glove with durability.  When it comes to durability, pick a glove with leather, (split or grain), to provide protection and extended wear. Look for reinforced leather patches on high-touch areas like the palm, knuckles, and fingertips to provide added wear resistance. Choose from materials that protect your hands and lengthen the life of your gloves.

Best Flower Gardening Gloves

The best women’s gardening gloves for tending flowers depend, in some part, on what types of flowers you grow. Delicate blooms and annuals that require dead-heading require dexterity, while rose gardeners need protection from thorny stems.

Best Gloves for Vegetable Gardening

Whether you are tending container gardens in the backyard or acres of vegetables on the farm, the best women’s gardening gloves for the vegetable garden need to keep mud and debris out while weeding, harvesting and tending to plants. Vegetables love sun and warmth, so breathability is a must and water resistance an added bonus.

Most Comfortable Gardening Gloves

Comfort is key when you don your women’s gardening gloves daily or spend hours amongst the plants and seedlings. Flexible and supple materials, like Wells Lamont’s ComfortHyde leather provide dexterity with enhanced durability. 

Best Water-resistant Gloves

Water-resistance is different from waterproof in that a water-resistant material actually repels water–you will see it bead up on the surface of the glove rather than soak in. A waterproof material, like rubber, can provide total protection against moisture, but is usually less breathable and has less dexterity. When it comes to the best women’s gardening gloves, water resistance provides the perfect combination of versatility, breathability and long-lasting durability. 

Best Rose Pruning Gloves

Rose gardeners have unique needs. The best women’s gardening gloves for rose tending need proper wrist and/or forearm protection from thorns combined with the flexibility to prune with ease.